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Kalau minat, follow blog ini. Kalau suka entri saya, tinggalkan comment anda. Tinggalkan link anda supaya saya boleh jejak dan follow anda. ;)

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So, to readers thanks for viewing my blog. I LOVE YOU GUYS!

-fakhriah anuar-


Loved one

My heartbeat

We might always argue and fought for silly things,
But all of you will always be my sweetheart.
Along loves you guys so much.

 They might not be the best parents in the world,
but they are the best and yet the most awesome parents in my world.
May Jannah awaits for you both.
I love you.

Mohamad Badrul Hakim bin Mohd Rosli,
a best friend, an enemy, a soul mate, a partner-in-crime.

They who I called friends

Sciencegeek Buddies,
SMKTS' 5 Science 2009.

Charlie Company,
PLKN Kem De Bana, Jempol K2/S7/2010.

SCICIS Buddies,
UiTMNS, Diploma in Science.

AlChemist Buddies,
UiTMNS, B.Sc (Hons.) Chemistry.

Naim, Azim & Irwan,
Best Boy Friends.

 Syaza, Aqilah and Adila,
1997-2014, 17 years of friendship. InsyaAllah untill Jannah. :)

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