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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Ramadhan 1431!

first ramadhan without family.
far from my family.

i need to woke up everyday at 4am to have my sahur..
then, sleep again & woke up at 6am to recite subuh prayer.

at 7.15am woke up to get ready to class for Monday til Wednesday,
woke at 8.15am at Thursday & 10.00am at Friday.

then, going to class for the whole day.
back to my room at 4/5 pm..
have a little rest(buying food for berbuka, slee, doing assignments & take bath)
break my fasting when maghrib were arrive
then, rushing to class that started at 8pm every Monday til Thursday..
back to room again at 10pm (after class),
do some assignments.
take a sleep at range 12 to 2am..

the next day, will goes with a same things~

will back to my parents house this Friday~

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