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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

PLKN is over..

the first words thrown from my mouth if u ask what i feel if PLKN is over.

it's sad for me to leave the camp site.
to leave my friends,
my teachers,
my company,
and my packed schedule..

if u ask me what i feel for PLKN?
i'll answered,
it's extremely fun!to many things i want to share with all of u.
but, its gonna take a long time for me to sit in front of this laptop..

what i can say,,
i learn to be myself,
i learn how to appriciate other people,
lear how to make friends with other races.
and etc~
its to many lesson i've got there.

for those who does'nt got chances or don't want join this program,
i bet u'll regret if u don't join this program.

the program will be the most precious moment in your life..

for pictures, link to my facebook~

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